Sam Skipworth

You can lift with us! And I would love to help you get started or get stronger. I have been a personal trainer in Houston area for over 10 years and a competitive bodybuilder for 5 years. I offer one-on-one personal training sessions, group training sessions, online nutrition/programming, competition prep & posing – along with a muscle camp every Saturday morning. I have a program and a spot for everyone and love customizing packages and training to fit your goals. From your middle schooler looking for some confidence and correct form to the seasoned bodybuilding competitor – strength matters and you are stronger than you know. I am passionate about helping you set and reach your goals. I also launched the Just Saw Sam App in late 2020 – this custom app allows my clients to track everything and see their progress in their pocket in real time. We offer an affordable monthly app membership for the basic gym goer looking for some programming inspiration and tracking tools as well! Feel free to reach out for a free consultation or just a flex. #JUSTSAWSAM @samskipworth

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