Q. How do I get an NPC card?

Join the NPC in order to compete in official NPC shows across the US. You can purchase your NPC card on the Official NPC website!

Purchase NPC Card Here

Q. Why do I have to purchase an NPC card?

The NPC is private organization that requires it’s members to register for both insurance and to insure that people who are participating are in good standing with the NPC.

Q. What are the different divisions that the NPC offers?

For the men we offer  Bodybuilding, Classic bodybuilding & Male physique.
For the women we offer Bodybuilding, Women’s physique, Figure, Fitness, and Bikini.
We have listed criteria for each division below. You can also refer back to this information directly on this website under the “Criteria” tab. 

Bodybuilding    Men’s Classic Physique    
Men’s Physique

Women’s Physique   Bikini 
Fitness   Figure    Wellness

Q. What is a True Novice Class?

True novice is for competitors who have never competed before, and it is their first show.

Q. What is a Novice Class and who can compete in the novice class?

Novice is open to any competitor that has not previously placed first in a novice class.
Novice class does not qualify for a national show.

Q. What is an Open Class and who can compete in the open class?

Open is just as the name implies it is open to any competitor regardless of age, first show or hundredth. If you place in first or second in a open class that qualifies you to go compete at any national level show.

Q. What is a national level show?

A national level show is the second step in obtaining your IFBB Pro League card. To qualify to compete in a ‘Nationals’ show, you must take first or second place in a local ‘national qualifying’ show, in an open class.

Q. Need a Trainer?

Check out our new Trainer Network right here on our website. You can search through our trainer database and find a trainer that is right for you! This is a FREE service for any athlete to use.

If you have any further questions, please contact Promoter Betty Pariso.