Rings, Watches & Trophies

Overall Winners at our shows receive:

  • Overall Champion Ring
  • Metal Trophy
  • Men’s or Women’s Watch
  • Paid Entry to a National Level Show

Trainer Champion Ring

At each of our shows: (1) Trainer with the most points will be awarded an Overall Champion Ring on stage. 

Trainer Point System
(Based on client’s placing in the show )

  • 10 pts – Overall Winner
  • 5 pts – 1st Placing
  • 4 pts – 2nd Placing
  • 3 pts – 3rd Placing
  • 2 pts – 4th Placing
  • 1 pt – 5th Placing


Trainers:  If you are interested in competing for the Champion Ring at one of our shows in our points system, please email Betty Pariso – Betty@VisionStarEntertainment.com

Goodie Bags!

Every athlete will get to stop by the Competitor Goodie Table to grab some yummy treats & other giveaway items when you check-in. This is our treat & thank you to you, for all of your hard work and dedication. Thank you for choosing our event.