Alexander Saucier

Hello everyone, my name is Alex Saucier better known as Coach Foundry. I have been coaching and competing in the NPC for over 10 years. I specialize in the offseason and preparation of male bodybuilding and classic physique competitors. Within the Foundry team, I have regional and national level competitors of all ages and experience, but they are all dedicated to the accomplishment of their goals. What I look for in a client mirrors what I deliver as a coach. I want a client to adhere to the plan, remain organized, and have a passion for this sport which can be translated to intensity in the gym.

The process of becoming a Foundry team member starts with a client questionnaire. It will cover your goals, past diets, current diet, training, and competition history. This is done to see if we would be a good fit as coach and competitor.

In the plan, you will receive:

*Weekly meal plans created based on your questionnaire and our discussions which will be updated every week unless you are in your last week of prep then it may be more frequent.

*3 different Foundry exclusive training programs that you will transition through as your plan progresses.

*Cardio requirements down to the machine, incline, and level

*Fluid requirements and restrictions.

*Seasoning and sauce allowances.

*Health Supplement requirements to ensure proper balance within the body.

What I require of the competitor:

*With the plan, each competitor will receive a link to their personal update form which will be filled out each week.

*Video upon waking every Saturday morning fasted of mandatory poses.

*A winning mentality

*A want to learn and be a better version of oneself

*100% adherence to the plan

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