Justin Wecker

Fitness has always been a part of my life; I love helping people achieve their goals!! I work hard and love to see people work hard. When I was 14 I was involved in a jet-ski accident with my best friend. I almost lost my leg, but the doctors were able to save it by inserting a titanium rod and 4 bolts in my femur bone. That experience really showed me to cherish what I have and never expect things to be handed to me.
Before getting into personal training, I helped friends get in shape and tried different paths before finding what I enjoyed most. Initially I went to nursing school, but it wasn’t making me happy, so then I changed to EMT school, which also didn’t make me happy. I decided to try phlebotomy… every time I went to school I always ended up back with what makes me happy – fitness.
After getting certified through PFTA for Nutrition and Personal Training, I started working at Fitness 19. I was a personal trainer for approximately six months before being promoted to Fitness Manager. After being Fitness Manager for six months, I decided it was time to go on my own and start my own personal training business. While starting Strive, I was an instructor at PFTA for 3 years certifying other personal trainers. I now own and operate Strive and PFTA Austin.
I love making people feel good about themselves!! The background behind fitness training means achieving fitness and balance on three levels: emotional (The Mindset), spiritual (The Motivation), and physical (The Movement). When I train, I make sure to educate about the balance being a lifestyle change and incorporating fitness into your whole life.

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