Jonny Catanzano

Tailored Health and Fitness offers online coaching for those looking to get into bodybuilding and fitness contest prep, as well as general health and wellness. Working directly with clients 1-on-1, Coach Jonny goes above and beyond the average coach to ensure results, no matter the goal. Tailored Health and Fitness offers a unique experience for the client, utilizing the Tailored Health and Fitness Coaching app & software, so your journey is detailed and easy to navigate. Coach Jonny is a seasoned competitor and trainer with 10 years of bodybuilding competition and coaching experience, as well as 24 years of overall training experience. When choosing a coach, make sure you are selecting one with the right education, field and training experience, and stage experience themselves. Coach Jonny checks all those boxes, and would love to help prepare you for your contest! Tailored Health and Fitness offers online coaching, contest prep, in-person training, as well as online and in-person posing coaching.

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(512) 351-4843
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