Chet and Natalie Nichols

USA Physique is a husband and wife physique coaching duo. The pair are both IFBB Pros and NPC Judges. They coach competitors across the globe for all federations.

Chet and Natalie noticed that the field of contest prep coaches focused primarily on the next show rather than the competitor’s ultimate goal. That type of narrow-minded coaching resulted in competitors showing little to no improvement in their physiques as they competed show after show, year after year. This unfortunately left many highly ambitious competitors miles from their ultimate goals and uncertain of what needed to be done to increase their placing. The problem was not that these competitors lacked the motivation, they simply lacked a clear and concise plan of action with an ultimate end goal in mind.

Through their love for the sport of bodybuilding, their unique experience, education, training, coaching, and achievements, Chet and Natalie Nichols created the concept of a Physique Readiness Coach™, which takes a bird’s eye view of a competitor’s career ensuring that every contest is purposeful and productive in the ultimate quest.

Physique Readiness Coaching starts with the competitor’s offseason plan and continues through their contest prep plan, peak week plan, contest day plan, stage strategy plan, and reverse diet plan. The 5 Phases of Off-Season and 5 Phases of Contest Prep sets the foundation, and keeps the clients ultimate goal in mind.

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