Chase Bergne

My Name Is Chase Bergner I am an IFBB Classic Physique Professional body builder ,Also Sole Owner Of Momentum Fitness & Yoga in Pantego Texas. My Certifications includes NFPT Master Trainer, Cooper Clinic Master Trainer & TRX functionally Fit certified . I have been competing for 10 years in the NPC and IFBB and Professional training for 12 . I didn’t start Prep coaching until once I earned my IFBB pro card in 2019 in Classic physique by winning the Overall at the Bermuda Grand Prix . I felt in order to be qualified as a Prep coach you needed the notoriety by having some serious skin in the game. Now with quite a few wins under my belt as a
Prep coach not just as a competitor , and working around clients with Crones disease, , Celiacs, Metabolic Damage and Vegetarians . I have found many different approaches to getting individuals in contest ready condition without comprising the most important part. Their Health!

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