Beau Brau

Coach Beau, owner and head coach of #TeamBeau LLC, is a US Army Combat Veteran and professional certified coach in all health-related fields including weight loss, strength & conditioning, comprehensive nutrition, general wellness, pre/post-natal, stroke/trauma rehabilitation, and competitive bikini/bodybuilding.

Since 2017, #TeamBeau and our coaches have transformed the lives and bodies of over 200 dedicated individuals all over the nation, online and in-person, through intensively personalized nutrition and fitness regimens with closely monitored progress and frequent evaluations to maintain maximum efficiency. We pride ourselves on the deep lasting relationships we develop with all of our athletes to enhance accountability, communication, and comfort while managing our rigorous demands and expectations. We have a long list of accomplished NPC male and female athletes including multiple overall wins and dozens of 1st Place trophies and awards. Our team is expanding rapidly as we shift our focus more toward NPC/IFBB contest prep clientele as demand rises each year.

– National Academy of Sports Medicine: Certified Fitness Professional (2017)
– NASM Sports Nutrition Specialization (2017)
– NASM Speed, Agility, Quickness Coach (2017)
– CPR & AED Certified (Current)
– 11x NPC Bikini NQ, 6x NPC Bikini Open 1st Place, 2x NPC Bikini Masters 1st Place, 1x NPC Bikini Overall, 3x NPC Bikini Novice 1st Place, 3x NPC Bikini NPC Open 2nd Place, 1x NPC Bikini Novice Overall
– Military Combatives Level II
– US Army Special Forces Functional Strength & Mobility (4 Years, Afghanistan)
– Youth Fitness/Athletics Coach
– Jr. Miss Texas Pageant Prep (Emily Padalecki)

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