Andrea Morgan

I have been a trainer and nutritionist for 20 years. I traveled and worked in the different countries and worked with number of world known coaches. I also competed in multiple disciplines such as ballet, gymnastics, athletics, ballroom dancing and fitness. Myself I have been a Fitness competitor for 10 years from bikini to women’s physique. I have helped many clients transform their bodies, lifestyle, get through chemotherapy, post surgery rehabilitation and depression and I have also helped many with metabolic disease, and eating disorders as a holistic health practitioner.

I offer extensive program to help you reach your goals while taking care of your health. By improving your well-being and what is stressing you is the key to building a better relationship with your own body.

I teach my clients self care because relationship with your own body is a must in order to reach your goals.

Each program is customized to your health, goals and longevity.

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