Billy Beavers

IFBB Pro. ISSA Elite Trainer. Specialization Certifications: Certified Glute Specialist, Sports Nutrition, Bodybuilding, Transformation

Ontario Alexander

Musclematics University provides personal training and nutritional education for all forms of fitness. Certified in personal training and nutrition, we strive to get the results that our clients seek in a healthy and safe manner. Offering 1 on 1 training sessions, partner training sessions, online training, competition training, nutritional education, and meal preparation services, we […]

Kenny Wallach

Kenny Wallach is a posing coach with clients in all divisions (both men and women) in the United States and worldwide. His clients range from 1st show competitors to IFBB pros. In 2014, he launched his website to help streamline client requests. With the addition of his administrator Angela in 2015 the Dead Center […]

Nicholas Crayne

Hey, I’m Coach Nicholas Crayne. For most of my life I’ve had an infatuation with fitness and training. My goal is to become stronger and faster, to constantly push my limits and achieve the highest degree of fitness I can. In my pursuit of those goals, I aim to help others reach similar aspirations.   I have played multiple sports and have […]

James Gerland

I am here to optimize your physique to its fullest potential. My name is James Gerland. I have been a high performance coach for 19 years. I take my job very serious! Your results and happiness is my ultimate goal. I specialize in hypertrophy training, strength and conditioning, bodybuilding, fat loss and mobility. I currently […]

Rondell Parham

I am currently a fitness trainer at a big box gym and former trainer at Garage Team Fitness. I competed 3yrs ago in physique bodybuilding and plan to jump back in the sport this 2021 and am already prepping for the upcoming season. I am very passionate about a healthy lifestyle and want to make […]

Justina Speights


Justin Wecker

Fitness has always been a part of my life; I love helping people achieve their goals!! I work hard and love to see people work hard. When I was 14 I was involved in a jet-ski accident with my best friend. I almost lost my leg, but the doctors were able to save it by […]

Fentris Lane

I have been a fitness specialist for over 25 year. Work with amateur and collegiate athletes as well as former Miss USA/Tennessee USA. Women, men and teenagers are welcome.

Ronald Torres

29 years of experience i let my clients do the talking